" ... and we're walking."

"You've got to be a bit of a retail junkie to do what I do, but I love it.

Making her 20+ years of marketing and merchandising expertise available to Main Street retailers of all persuasions, Seanette Corkill launched Frontdoor Back, a Store Design and Visual Merchandising consultancy. She saw the frequency with which these independent store owners were unknowingly missing sales and losing customers even though common sense and affordable solutions were right at their finger tips - if only they knew what to do and how to do it. Frontdoor Back fills the "expertise gap" for independent retailers that don't always have big budgets for design or visual merchandising support yet are still looking for ways to afford that professional input. Her trained and experienced eye decodes the fundamental yet sometimes elusive elements that bring customers in and encourage them to shop. In addition to designing and problem solving outright, she also educates the do-it-yourselfers with workshops and seminars. Her information rich and humorous presentations will help you make your store look and function like a winner. As candid as she is insightful, she concisely and deftly points out areas where retailers excel as well areas of opportunity making the store improvement process a worthwhile and enjoyable and  learning experience for all.

Founder History

With a marketing degree in hand and years as a successful regional sports industry sales representative, Seanette began to see the dramatic and positive effects that product positioning and store "atmospherics" had on her clients' sales. Understanding the power of this information and delving into design strategies & product staging techniques for increasing sales, she eagerly shifted her focus to store design and merchandising and never looked back. Gaining valuable insights and experience working as a field research assistant for Envirosel, a well known consumer behavior research company for several years, she confidently moved forward to become Director of Store Design & In-Store Marketing for a multi-million dollar Portland based specialty retailer, the Bike Gallery, for well over a decade. Helping layout and brand each new location, and renovate the existing ones, the clear visual voice she developed contributed to a sustained 20% increase in sales for an impressive 8 years in a row. With these transformations tucked neatly into her portfolio of projects, she is able to speak on the numerous aspects of what elements are " retail musts" in order to create a successful store environment. Her company takes a holistic and pragmatic approach when evaluating a retailers effectiveness at defining and then delivering what makes it unique - creating a world where customers choose you. "Holistic" takes on a whole new meaning with her as she’s often heard explaining they take in to account everything from, well…..The Frontdoor Back!

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